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René Pellat Memorial Festival Prize 2017 goes to Dr. Haihong CHE

The René Pellat Memorial Festival prize is attributed to Haihong CHE University of Maryland and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Dr Che has opened new doors by her contributions to space and fundamental plasma physics. Her work has synthesized numerical simulations, theoretical analyses and penetrating insight into experimental data to achieve unique and novel results. She has displayed significant creativity in deriving new approaches to elucidate fundamental plasma interactions. Her most notable works include elucidation of current filamentation processes in fast magnetic reconnection, a new model of bursty radio emission triggered by Langmuir turbulence, and theoretical insight into Alfvénic cascades and phase space density hole dynamics. Her contributions to the 2015 and 2017 Festival de Théorie have been widely praised for their stimulating and novel character.

Jury: Pr. P.H. Diamond (UCSD, chair), Dr. X. Garbet (CEA, co-chair), Pr. T.S. Hahm (U. Seoul), Pr. F. Hughes (U. Leeds), Pr. A. Pocheau (U. Aix Marseille), Dr Y. Sarazin (CEA), Pr. G. Tynan (UCSD), Pr E. Tobisch (U. Lintz), Pr. S. Tobias (U. Leeds).